4 days ago
How many non -Muslims know the Meaning of the Muslim word ji·had? - noun ISLAM

a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam.
"he declared a jihad against the infidels"

the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin.

In the Western world, the people who most don't seek the "TRUTH" on their own, have been groomed to hate religious groups, that they know nothing about. When it comes to Muslims, even I have to claim ignorance because of lies.

When will #WETHEPEOPLE start seeing others for their content of character, and not the cover they put over their vessel or the faith they choose to follow? How long will brothers and sisters of one "CREATOR" be divided?


The more "we" know...


#HolyWar #Islam #Allah
4 days ago
United Nations Agenda 2030 - A new world order of enslavement???

The "REAL TRUTH" can no longer be contained!!!

Who's lying about "Climate Change???"

How low would a "TRAITOR" against #CREATOR and country go???

Who wants to know???


#ClimateChange #Dubai #JohnKerry
6 days ago
The Mystery of the Girl Named "Ester"

How does the future prove the past?

How does history repeat itself over and over until "We the People" get it right"

Why do "Patriots" worldwide fight??

They all stand in and support the "LIGHT" of righteousness, freedom, unity, "TRUTH" and "LOVE" supporting "CREATOR" and "COLLECTIVE!!!"

United, Not Divided in "FAITH" Shall be "OUR" Saving Grace!!!





#Ester #Truth #Trump #Kennedy #History #19thNewRepublic #People4people #17QWorld
One Night With The King - YouTube

In Biblical times, a young girl disguises her Jewish origins when the Persian king comes looking for a new bride. Little did she know she would soon find her...

Kerry Felix
6 days ago
Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator. For if I do this thing willing, I have a reward: but if against my will, a dispensation of the gospel is committed unto me. To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.
7 days ago
The Demon Who Called #WETHEPEOPLE Worthless Eaters is Dead!!!

How many people will hang their heads in sorrow for a man whose history shows he hated everything #MAGA #MEGA and #MUGA represented? A man who wanted the world to be enslaved, and won't be in the "LIGHT" in the spirit world, but is now in the "Lake of Fire."

We shall all reap what we sow, and that will be the direction after our vessel dies and "our" soul will go! What "we" give the others so shall "OUR CREATOR" returned to us in the next life.

Kissinger??? Will go to the place history shows he belongs...with his master, in a place where the fire never ends, and burns everlasting through the skin!

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger dies at 100 - YouTube

Kissinger stands among the 20th century’s most commanding figures in U.S. foreign policy.https://www.thv11.com/article/news/nation-world/henry-kissinger-dies...

14 days ago
Message, for Every MAGA, MEGA, and MUGA Supporter in the Universe!!!

This song is dedicated to you, one and all, big and small, young and old. Each of you has a heart of gold!!! Throughout the years it is you that have carried me through, and I'm so endeared to each and every one of you!

This journey has been long and hard, for us all, but we've held the line, and answered the call from the "Heavens" above, to spread our "LOVE!"

Today I wish to let you "ALL" know that I ask the "CREATOR" to bless you, where you go, and in all the good that you do!!!


Today I give thanks to "YOU," and ask you to please keep praying so that the "LIGHT" will shine through and everyone can feel the blessing of our "CREATOR" and "COLLECTIVE" too!!!






Can't Help Falling In Love - Viola Cover - YouTube


Kerry Felix
16 days ago
Stretch out your hands to the poor according to your strength. Hide not your silver in the earth. Help the faithful man in affliction, and affliction will not find you in the time of your trouble. And every grievous and cruel yoke that come upon you bear all for the sake of the Lord, and thus you will find your reward in the day of judgement. It is good to go morning, midday, and evening into the Lord’s dwelling, for the glory of your creator.

Because every breathing thing glorifies him, and every creature visible and invisible returns him praise.
Grace, peace, and love!
16 days ago
Juan-John in the "SPOTLIGHT"!!!

The founder of "GEORGE!!!"

The master of disguise!

The man who who's connected to the "LIGHT" fighting for freedom, Creator, and Collective. If you know, you know, and if you don't, it's time to be on Truth Social, and join the show!!!

#WWG1WGA #JuanJohn #JFKJr

19 days ago
Open Heartfelt Message from Patriots to the Trump and Kennedy Family, White Hats, Collective, Digital Soldiers and Creator!!!

Many of "We the People" have been in the battle from dark-to-Light for a long time, and have lost many digital soldiers, and whistleblowers along the way. Men and women who've given their lives, so the "FREEDOM" can reign!!!

The crimes against humanity you've exposed, "We the People" will never let happen again! "Our" children will never have to be subjected to the evil beings who are full of sin, thanks to you!!!

Patriots holding the line and continue to be true, want to thank you for all that you do, and pray for blessing from the "ALMIGHTY" to all shower you with "LIGHT" and "LOVE" for evermore!




Thank You (Celine Dion) | One Voice Children's Choir Cover - YouTube

Last year we partnered with @hwac in San Diego to put together this song in connection with their mission of how animals help people and people help animals....

22 days ago
Women of the World Who are Fighters in the "STORM."

All around the world, mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, and friends have joined in the MAGA, MEGA, MUGA, movement with the "COLLECTIVE" of the universe and "CREATOR" to restore a planet to all the beauty it once had, and "We the People" once knew.

"OUR" children "WILL" have a place to grow, play, and be "LOVED!!!"




#Truth #Fearlesssoul #PATRIOT
LISTEN to this song when YOU NEED STRENGTH 🙏🏽 (I Am A Fighter - Official Music Video) - YouTube

SAVE the song "FIGHTER" by Fearless Soul, now on EVERY good music platform, or here:Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1L3hrI7b3AlW4lACmdi8uQ Apple Musi...

Smartsweet13 Janice Krako
23 days ago
YouTube Will Notify Users When Content Is Created With A.I.
YouTube has created new rules for artificial intelligence (AI) content, including a standard that mandates creators to disclose whether they have used generative AI to make realistic looking videos.
Kerry Felix
24 days ago
It’s very hard to watch people we love reject the truth, to turn their back on God and reject him. To hear them say; I control my destiny, everything I have I made on my own. I could go on with the number of things that people say to justify not trusting in a loving creator. The truth is they are deceived and only the truth will reach through that veil. Jesus has provided the way, the truth and the life with his blood. God will judge, not because he doesn’t love you but because his word is true. The choice is in each of our hands, and it is our own choice.
Do you have a prophet’s heart? Can you tell even those you love the truth? It will mean rejection here on earth, but salvation for eternity.
Grace and Peace with Love!
26 days ago
Integrated HealthCare Portal Opening in Dubai!

There are leaders who choose to put their "Creator" and country first, and those who have chosen to spend time on the rest of their own instead of starting at home. The U.S. once a country known for being the destination of the world, has lost its glory, pride, and honor.

Eyes are looking elsewhere for places that provide good healthcare, lifestyle, peace, unity, and a diverse community. Dubai is leading the world, on the quest to provide such an environment.


As the first academic health system in the city, ‘Dubai Health’ is strongly committed to providing the best outcomes for patients through evidence-based care.


#SheikhMohammedbinRashidAlMaktoum #UAE #Dubai
1 month ago
If we are indeed living in a simulation, or of the mindset of some people being NPCs, it’s all that more important not to UNPERSON or view people as “others”. Doing so creates people with the views that they can do whatever they want to others with impunity or without a punishment from a Creator or God, especially if they’re “just a simulation”.
1 month ago
I think the one world religion will be based on the #AI “Holy Book” which creators say will be most correct. This will likely be a compilation from the Bible (all of it), various religious teachings and the Koran, possibly other science based information as well (“world peace”). Anyone that refuses to accept it as the final word will be deemed heretics and will make the inquisitions look like a party.
1 month ago
Spill The Wine
1 month ago (E)
🎚🕊 The Most Important Message 🕊🎚👑
Original Post: May 8, 2022
From: The late Isreal Kamamkawiwoole >
🌈Somewhere Over The Rainbow> 3203J>
⚡The Most Important Message In The History
Of The World 👑🎚🕊

🌺IZ Lives> 1333J 612E 102S>
The Message; Good News; Key Of David;
🎚Christ The Savior

🌎Wonderful World> 2359J 1140E 190S>
👑The Creator Born Man;
🎚Jesus Back From The Dead

🍋Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops>
1175J 1980E 330S>
🕊T H E Healing H A N D Of Y E S H U A
🙏Never Give Up Never Surrender
🎚Jesus Communicates To The Heart

⚔️0-00 The End

🌈Somewhere Over the Rainbow 2011 -
Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoole"

1 month ago
The "Tribe"

"Patriots" Worldwide Who Support MAGA, MEGA, and MUGA!!!

Who are the people who refer to themselves as "patriots" who believe "ALL" lives matter? Who are the patriots worldwide that support the Creator, and Collective?

Who are the patriots worldwide that stand in the streets united for peace, unity, and freedom?




A Gathering of the Tribe | POWERFUL Short Film by Charles Eisenstein w/ Jon Hopkins & Aubrey Marcus - YouTube

My tears always come from a revelation of hidden truth. As if the frames of perception themselves liquidate out of my eyes so I can see clearly again. This s...

1 month ago
Umm guys sorry I haven’t been on...I have been rabbit holing into some math...has to do with time and I found a (3), (6), (9) in it...so now I am in deep...not sure what it all means but am gonna be REALLY busy...this morning did a chart at 3am...as the spirit moves me I guess...Lol! Let me know if the world ends so I can stop...I am deeply hermited and seeing people today just wore me out when I had to go get some groceries...fortunately I have all you lovely wonderful patriots keeping watch....blessings to all! PS...Father God our divine creator wins...kitten
1 month ago
Royal Family of Dubai Set Example of Unity in Community!!!

Where else in the world can one see such a display of family, unity, and community being led by a world leader? The Royal Family of Dubai is setting the standard to what it takes to create peace, and harmony, among "ALL" people.

All for one, and one for all is a motto adopted by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. A man who has not shied away from the "SPOTLIGHT," but stands in it to show the world, what "LOVE" for "CREATOR," country, and family will get you...


Dubai is a Muslim nation, that has opened its doors to "ALL" religions, nationalities, and languages.



#fazza #Dubai #RoyalDubaiFamily
Sheikh Hamdan | فزاعFazza | Bin Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum Friends Short Video #sheikhhamdan #fazza - YouTube

Sheikh Hamdan | فزاعFazza | Bin Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum Friends Short Video #sheikhhamdan #fazzafazzafaz3@faz3فزاعdubaiuaearabicarabprinceالشيخحمدانبنمحمد...

2 months ago
Americans Following the Money Trail of Corruption!!

How low did the "TRAITORS" against "CREATOR" and country go??

In June, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapely revealed Hunter Biden demanded payment from his Chinese business associate over WhatsApp messenger. On July 30th, 2017, Hunter Biden demanded payment and threatened Henry Zhao, a Chinese Communist Party official and director of Harvest Fund Management.


#GatewayPundit #cristinalaila #17QWorld

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