4 days ago
How do Western nations like the US/UK/Aus and many others explain how and why these policies have failed in their respective countries? Its all very absurd and ridiculous…
8 days ago
Germany's Steinmeier left waiting on tarmac in Qatar

Standing with arms folded at the doors of the airplane was probably not how German President Steinmeier thought he would spend almost 30 minutes of his official 3-hour visit to Doha."

-I would be concerned about an assassination attempt-

No respect for him or Biden I guess.
Alexander MacCallum
9 days ago
"A little over 200 years ago, everyone knew that Sunday was the first day of the week, not Monday. Everyone knew that March was the first month of the year, and that there were 13 months in each year. Don't believe me? Lookee here :Up through Lincoln's Administration, when the Liars gained control, the Presidential inaugurations were always in March, not January. Our calendars have been messed with, even the frequencies to which our musical scales are tuned, have been messed with and distorted. This is what Liars do. They twist, they turn, they change, they relabel and rename, they obfuscate, they hide, they make simple things complex, they pollute, disrespect and denigrate the natural world in every way they can. They long ago messed up the Bible just like they redefined common words that appear in Federal Code, to keep Joe Average dumbed down, helpless, misled, and making wrong assumptions... http://annavonreitz.commyw... "
This 1775 Bible Proves We Live In a Lie - YouTube

Check out the original video of the 1775 Bible - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEA7MZrUpJk&t=1859s - and special thanks to Mark for revealing this to us. D...

12 days ago
Nothing ever goes smoothly. Still no Americans. No one has any respect or healthy fear of Biden. Entheos warned us-come home from abroad. If can’t, lay low, no identifiers. Said events after Italy (gov collapse) were unpredictable or unknowable (can’t remember the word exactly). Think about how much has happened since then.

Alexander MacCallum
22 days ago
"To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people and
the affection of children;
To earn the approbation of honest critics and endure
the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty;
To find the best in others;
To give of one's self;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child,
a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
To have played and laughed with enthusiasm and
sung with exultation;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you
have lived -
This is to have succeeded..."
What is Success? - Ralph Waldo Emerson (Powerful Life Poetry) - YouTube

Read by Shane Morris-An essayist, poet, and popular philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson achieved worldwide fame as a lecturer and the author of such essays as “...

TheArtofWillow Willow
26 days ago
Kerry Felix
28 days ago
Divine goodness, as one of God’s attributes, is self-caused, infinite, perfect, and eternal. Since God is immutable, He never varies in the intensity of His loving-kindness. He has never been kinder than He now is, nor will He ever be less kind. He is no respecter of persons but makes His sun to shine on the evil as well as on the good, and sends His rain on the just and on the unjust. The cause of His goodness is in Himself, the recipients of His goodness are all His beneficiaries without merit and without recompense.
With this agrees reason, and the moral wisdom that knows itself runs to acknowledge that there can be no merit in human conduct, not even in the purest and the best. Always God’s goodness is the ground of our expectation. Repentance, though necessary, is not meritorious but a condition for receiving the gracious gift of pardon which God gives of His goodness.

Grace And Peace with Love to all!
1 month ago
Patriots of Every Size Will Show Their Respect for All That is Good!!!


Alexander MacCallum
1 month ago
#DaylIghtSavingsTime #LockAndLoad
"Robberies and vehicle thefts had the highest spikes at 64.4% and 61% more likely to occur, respectively, after daylight saving time ends, according to the study. The raw rise of robberies was 81%.

Break-ins were up 16%, according to Vivint, although homes protected by security systems, which the company sells, see only about a third of the burglaries as those without.

Other studies have found that keeping daylight saving time in place all year could reduce crimes, especially robberies.

A 2015 Brookings Institution study found that eliminating the "fall back" could reduce robberies by 27% directly because of the additional daylight in evenings.

In 2012, researchers Jennifer Doleac and Nicholas Sanders found that robberies, murders and rapes all decreased at dusk following "spring forward." And a 2017 study in the Journal of Experimental Criminology found that assaults rose in big American cities right after daylight saving time ended..."
1 month ago (E)
He said this tonight in Houston

Iran told realDonaldTrump that they were going to fire 18 missiles at our bases but none hit? WOW! This should give everyone pause. They certainly must’ve respected him & both understood they needed to make a “fake” show of force, likely because something we had done. I’ll look for more info-
1 month ago
As a relative of our founding fathers that were actually with George Washington. I don’t think they would be pleased at ALL. 🇺🇸
BUT GOD has the men to do the job to clean house!
ThanQ Q Team. Much love and Respect! 🫡
1 month ago
1 month ago
A Closer Look At Tesla MedBeds


I found this on Freespoke, a new search engine that doesn't censor viewpoints and respects privacy. Check it out: Freespoke.com
1 month ago
If you have lost loved ones to the health care industry, I urge you to stay strong and have faith that righteous justice is on the way. All things in Gods time, with respect for free will.
2 months ago
The Twelve Tribes of Israel


I found this on Freespoke, a new search engine that doesn't censor viewpoints and respects privacy. Check it out: Freespoke.com
2 months ago
Here is someone with a much better and clearer response to what Gen. Flynn posted the other day, that really ****** ed me off. While I can agree that 'Q' can be considered a psyop, that doesn't mean it's not being done by the good guys to affect the bad guys. But I believe the Q posts have been very powerful and persuasive. And I don't believe Juan O Savin wrote any of those posts, even if @onyx007 says he did.

Here is the start of the post. Please go to Blueprint's site to read it all.


Dear Lt. Gen. Flynn,

I'd like to reply to this and ask you a few questions:

I've not heard nor seen respectable patriots in our community suggest the military will act wonton, and that we can just naval gaze until the calvery shows up. Q certainly NEVER advocated this. Quite the opposite, in fact. Where are you hearing this from?

The way I see it, patriot hope in the restoration of BLIND JUSTICE in America is the core reason why civil war has not yet decided our country's fate.

Why declare believing the powers WE THE PEOPLE created to support and defend WE THE PEOPLE is what risks making us a Third World, banana republic? What is the issue with
2 months ago
I am up for some work getting things transferred from one Ipad to the other...a lot of emailing back and forth...still trying to get kinks out of my husbands Ipad...which he had set up different than mine and is like brand new as he hardly used it!

Want to thank all of you who are following me...I am following back, I want to be able to see your posts as well as comment...welcome all new members to the patriot family...this board has been an encyclopedia for me as there are so many who have done ground breaking research to come to truths...we are allowed our own opinions and even voice them...I believe because we are all here to listen and be heard we need to have the utmost respect for one another...the world has been programmed to call us conspiracy theorists and disregard us as nut jobs...
My response...why yes I am almond and cashews...good for your health and here is the proof! So share...I like knowing how and why people think what they think and believe in their hearts!

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