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Future proves past.
Again and again.
Nov 11, 2017 11:33:51 PM EST
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WHAT IF CHINA, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?
"China is also making big military moves. This week over 180 high-level naval representatives from 29 countries, including Australia, Cambodia, Chile, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the US, Pakistan and the UK are gathering in China to coordinate the ongoing international takedown of the Khazarian mafia. Think about it, the Russian, Chinese, UK and US navies etc. are all cooperating against a common enemy."
Alexander MacCallum
2 months ago
#Germany #USMilitary
"The Federal Republic of Germany has been a vital part of the United States' defense strategy in Europe ever since the end of World War II when US forces were part of a 10-year Allied occupation of the country. Though troop numbers have, of course, fallen significantly since those days, the US military still maintains a major presence in Germany, and over the intervening decades, US military communities have formed around a handful of German towns.

The total number of US military personnel has also risen significantly in the past few years, from under 39,000 in 2019 to over 50,000 in 2024.

The only other country where the US keeps a comparable number of overseas troops is Japan. That development also reflects a reversal of a long-term trend: German government figures show that between 2006 and 2018, the number of US troops stationed in Germany more than halved, from 72,400 to 33,250, as the US military responded to an increasingly complex global security situation.

The US has also deployed more troops to Europe since the start of Russia's full-fledged invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, with some soldiers deployed to bases further east to Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. The US Army currently has around 10,000 troops stationed at its garrison in Poland, and a further 2,600 in its Army Support Activity Black Sea, which includes the Mihail Kogalniceau Air Base, Romania, and the Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria. Those troops are rotated regularl
Alexander MacCallum
2 months ago
#Japan #Yakuza
"US prosecutors have charged an alleged member of the Japanese mafia with conspiring to traffic nuclear materials.

Takeshi Ebisawa, 60, tried to sell uranium and plutonium that he believed would be transferred to Iran to build a nuclear bomb, it is alleged.

Mr Ebisawa and a Thai co-defendant were previously hit with weapons and drug charges in April 2022.

He faces life imprisonment if convicted of the latest charges.

US authorities say Mr Ebisawa - who is being held in a Brooklyn jail - is a senior figure in the Japanese organised crime syndicate, known as the Yakuza, with operations in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand and the US.

The US Department of Justice said Mr Ebisawa and his "confederates showed samples of nuclear materials in Thailand" to an undercover agent from the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

The agent was posing as a drugs and weapons trafficker with links to an Iranian general.

The nuclear samples - which came from Myanmar - were seized by Thai authorities and transferred to US investigators. A US laboratory confirmed the material contained uranium and weapons-grade plutonium..."
Alexander MacCallum
2 months ago
#Japan #USNavy #Espionage
"A Japan-based US Navy sailor has been charged with espionage for allegedly passing classified information to a foreign government.

Bryce Pedicini is alleged to have given documents to foreign agents at least seven times in 2022 and 2023.

The US Navy also accuses him of trying in May 2023 to hand over photographs showing the screen of a military computer.

He faces a court martial while the investigation continues.

The accused is a chief petty officer fire controlman assigned to a Japan-based guided missile destroyer, the USS Higgins.

He has been in custody since May 2023, just days after the last alleged incident in Japan.

The other incidents took place over a period of four months in Hampton Roads, Virginia, in late 2022 and early 2023, say US investigators.

The document alleges that he was handing over information "with reason to believe that it would be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of a foreign nation".

It is unclear what country he was allegedly attempting to pass documents to, or what those files contained.

The charging sheet notes only that the information was "relating to national defence".

Commander Arlo Abrahamson, a spokesman for US Naval Surface Force, said in a statement: "The incident remains under investigation and legal proceedings continue."

CPO Pedicini's military records show that he enlisted in the US Navy in 2009 and served on several naval vessels..."
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#Ukraine #Japan #Pazzo "Now Isn't that Ironic ???"
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2024 the Open Door!!!

Nothing can stop the truth, that is flowing like a Colorado rapid, and it can't be stopped. The "sleepers" are waking up, and "WE THE PEOPLE" are uniting. No longer will the predators of the children be protected! No longer will the drug and gun runner be protected! No longer will the politicians who've robbed, raped, and pillaged be protected!







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BREAKING – Japan: A tsunami warning has been issued from the Hokkaido Island to China's Sea of ​​Japan coast, etc.

Earthquake intensity 7 in Ishikawa

The entire west coast is in tsunami danger (yellow on the map)

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Fulford - 1 JAN 2024:

"The world, especially the Western world, is in a situation like Japan was in at the end of World War II after it agreed to surrender but before US troops landed take over: it is an interregnum. The British Commonwealth, Asian secret societies, the Russians, the Pentagon and other power centers say they support a white hat proposal for a new planetary arrangement. The Khazarian mafia has also agreed to surrender and a power transition is being arranged. However, there are still fanatical holdouts trying to start Armageddon or at least a big war so, it could be a bumpy ride."

Alexander MacCallum
4 months ago
#Japan #PatriotMissiles
"U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel praised Japan's contribution to drastic "reform and modernization" of their alliance, particularly its military capability and spending, as well as a decision to allow Japanese-made Patriot guided missiles to be shipped to the United States to make up for its decreasing inventory.

In a meeting with Japanese Defense Minister Minoru Kihara on Wednesday, Emanuel noted a series of steps Japan has taken to bolster its military power and the countries' alliance, saying it brings the "level of deterrence to capital D deterrence."

In the latest move, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's government on Friday eased its postwar ban on lethal weapons exports, a move seen as a major break from Japan's postwar self-defense-only principle. It also approved a 16.5% increase in defense spending next year to a record $56 billion with a focus on missile strike and defense capabilities..."
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Fulford - December 4, 2023:

"The Asians and their Western white hat allies plan to announce a multi-trillion dollar new East/West/North/South plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction, probably during 2024. They will follow that by taking all the money that was being used for wars and spending on a new war against aging and death."

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