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The Truth Will Set You Free

"Born on March 24, 1938, Irving is the son of a Royal Navy commander. He attended Imperial College of Science & Technology and University College London and later spent time in Germany working in a Thyssen steel mill to improve his German language skills. He is known for his extensive archival research and has published around thirty books, with notable works including “Hitler’s War”, “The Trail of the Fox: The Life of Field-Marshal Rommel“, and “Göring: a Biography”. He has also translated several works by other authors.

David Irving lived for over thirty years in Grosvenor Square, London, and is the father of five daughters. His youngest daughter is Jessica, while his other daughters are Josephine (who tragically passed away in 1999), Pilar, Paloma, and Beatrice. Irving’s first major publication was “The Destruction of Dresden” in 1963, which became a bestseller. He has also written works only published in German, such as documentation on the 1944 Morgenthau Plan, and continues to work on historical biographies... https://www.amazon.com/Chu... "
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"Islamists do not belong in Germany

At the CDU political convention in Berlin this week, a new party platform was adopted intended to sharpen the conservative profile.

"With this platform, we are ready to take on the responsibility of governing Germany today or by autumn at the latest," 68-year-old Merz said in his speech.

On 75 pages, the CDU sets out "who we are, where we stand, and what we want." The document details the party's positions on all major political issues. There are clear statements on immigration and integration. "Muslims who share our values are part of Germany's religious diversity and our society," it reads while adding: "An Islam that does not share our values and rejects our liberal society does not belong in Germany."

Merz calls for more vigilance in dealing with Islamists and the far-right. "Today, we have to agree with those who say that the problem of right-wing extremism in Germany has been underestimated for years, and we should be very careful not to repeat the same mistake when it comes to the instigators of political Islam, who openly threaten us and who are not prepared to accept the rules of our country and peaceful coexistence in Germany."
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Diversity is R Strength ???

A System on the Verge of Collapse.

Smartphones, COVID-19 caused dramatic change

"Torsten Müller said the situation has changed dramatically over the past few years, and blamed smartphones and social media use for the increase in stress, exhaustion, self-doubt and listlessness.

"This has changed communication," he said. "Young people talk more about each other than to each other, and misunderstandings arise. And then we are still dealing with the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which brought a significant increase in mental illness."

The months-long closure of schools is sometimes considered the biggest mistake made during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. German pupils had to stay at home for more than 180 days, far longer than in many European countries.

That has caused growing frustration among teachers, who are increasingly finding themselves mediating conflicts instead of teaching. One in three teachers often feels emotionally exhausted, and 27% said they have thought about quitting. They all said their biggest challenge is students' behavior.

President of the German Teachers' Association, has called for even more. "We need lots of people who can teach German," he said. "In addition to psychologists, administrative assistants and youth workers. But we can no longer recruit so easily. The need is getting greater and greater, but the workforce is shrinking. The whole system can no longer function li
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"This term was coined to cement values such as human rights, tolerance, and the separation of church and state.

In 2005, German Parliamentary President Norbert Lammert attempted to redefine Leitkultur not in a German national context, but rather as an explicitly European idea. Lammert called for a discussion about a "guiding European idea" that draws on "common cultural roots, common history, and common traditions."

But the Leitkultur debate in Germany has another dimension that has a lot to do with the Germans themselves, and their history. The crimes of the Nazi regime, committed in Germany's name, destroyed all of the country's patriotic traditions, and the deep shock that ensued meant that it was decades before anything approximating a new sense of national pride could be created.

Only in 2006, at the time of the FIFA World Cup — hosted by Germany — could one finally see German flags waving in the streets without it prompting negative associations, and that was more than 60 years after the end of World War II. It was the beginning of a new, healthier sense of patriotism, one that did not arise from excessive exaltation.

In 2024, opposition leader Friedrich Merz used the term again, saying Christmas trees are part of Germany's "guiding culture."This loaded term pervades German migration debates — whether it refers to required learning or action is often unclear. It is enshrined in the CDU's new basic policy program in May 2024..."
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"The researchers found discrimination in the education system, the labor market, the housing market and the health sector. Previous studies showed that individuals with a migration background often face discrimination when looking for a job. This increases the risk of having to live below the poverty line.

In Germany, people are considered to be at risk of poverty if they have less than 60% of the statistical average income. In 2023, this was €1,310 ($1,410) per month. When asked about their monthly income, 5% of Germans without a migration background who had a full-time job said their income falls below the poverty line. However, that figure rose to 20% for Black, Muslim and Asian respondents.

The figures were similar for respondents with a high level of education or vocational accomplishments: People encountering racist discrimination were two to seven times more likely to experience economic hardship.

At 33%, Muslim men were the most at risk of poverty. Researcher Salikutluk puts this down to the high number of Muslim men among the refugees who came to Germany since 2013: Around 20% of the Muslim respondents to the discrimination survey came from Syria and Afghanistan, countries severely affected by war and poverty. "And we already know that refugees are more at risk of poverty due to their limited access to the labor market, for example," Salikutluk explained... "
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So... Just What is Your Definition of a Semite ???

"About half of Jewish people around the world today identify as Ashkenazi, meaning that they descend from Jews who lived in Central or Eastern Europe. The term was initially used to define a distinct cultural group of Jews who settled in the 10th century in the Rhineland in western Germany... Hmmm... Isn't It Ironic that Nazi is Literally a Part of their Name..."
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"The German people have long known about the vast genocide committed against German Prisoners of War and civilians by the Allies following the 1945 surrender.

The Rhineland Meadows won't soon be forgotten.

The horrible tragedy of it lingers like a bad smell that won't fade or go away.

All those photos of German corpses labeled Jewish corpses, won't be forgotten, either.

This German Lutheran soldier surrendered at the Battle of the Bulge. But Ike didn't honor the Geneva Conventions. Ike was worse than the Japanese commanders during the Bataan Death March, simply because with Ike, there were no survivors.

Ike gave the orders.

There were to be no witnesses to the American and British atrocities. Prisoners were made to take the film footage and photos and then they, too, were murdered. Nobody escaped. Nobody got out alive. But 37 million Germans went "missing", and ironically, all those publicity photos Ike had taken of the mass graves he created, somewhat backfired.

Forensic photography and technological improvements like computerized facial recognition have left no doubt. The vast majority of the victims splayed grotesquely in those mass graves were Germans.

Six to one.

General Eisenhower, an American of German descent, was responsible for six times more genocide than Hitler in Germany alone. Ike demonized the German people and murdered them by the millions after they were disarmed and defenseless.

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#Germany #Immigration

"The Talmudists plan to intensify the German Holocaust once their new Bolshevik-Zionist Totalitarianism takes over after 2030. So far, the Kalergi Plan has succeeded in genociding many White Christians, but that will worsen.

In the domain of Germany and Austria today, the Talmudic plan is to genocide all remaining Ethnic-Germans by 2100 AD. So, the German Holocaust is set to escalate and intensify, even as brainwashed Germans offer ZERO resistance to their own extermination. By 2100, you can expect a brown-mixed-race population living in a handful of “smart”-cities where Germany and Austria currently live today, and that population will speak some variant of English. At least, THAT is the Talmudic plan of “Team Antichrist”, but it might yet be foiled by the King of Kings...

https://stateofthenation.c... "
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Cancer, Mistress, Bastard Child, Fake Royal, what is the "REAL" Truth???

Time will tell and how many royals are going to #HELL


One by one the "FAKE" royals going down with the sun. Patriots who've follow the #QPlusQ shows know the history of the royals from Germany and the contract with the Rothschilds. The lies just keep coming and the pedophiles royal still runs free, because the courts overlook name and money. Crimes against humanity used to exclude royals, but not anymore!!!

The "TRUTH" is coming and can't be stopped, and the British sleepers are going to lose their top!!!



Prince William In TEARS As He BREAKS SILENCE FIRST TIME About Catherine's Update Against Cancer! - YouTube

Prince William In TEARS As He BREAKS SILENCE FIRST TIME About Catherine's Update Against Cancer!🔥🔥 More videos for Kate Middleton's fans: https://www.youtu...

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#Germany #FlixBus #Hacked ???

"Police in the eastern German state of Saxony said at least five people were killed in an accident involving an intercity bus near the city of Leipzig on Wednesday.

Rescue helicopters and numerous ambulances were seen in the area and the A9 autobahn, which links Berlin and Munich, was closed in both directions.

What we know about the accident

The vehicle left the road

just north of an interchange at Schkeuditz, next to the Leipzig/Halle airport, at about 9.45 a.m. local time."Several people were fatally injured in the serious accident on the A9 highway. There are numerous casualties," police in the state of Saxony said on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Other passengers were reported to have been injured. The coach, operated by German company Flixbus, was said to have veered off the highway and crashed onto its side

for unknown reasons.

"The exact circumstances of the accident are not yet known," said Flixbus.

"We are of course working closely with the local authorities and the emergency services on site and will do everything in our power to clarify the cause of the accident quickly and completely," the company said.

The bus was headed from Berlin to Zurich with about 53 passengers and two drivers on board..."
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#Germany #PensionSystem #LockBox

"Germany's baby boomers are retiring. Those born between 1955 and 1969, when the birth rate was at an all-time high, are also living longer. At the same time, the workforce is shrinking. So who will pay the elderly's pensions?

The pension system in Germany, established in 1889, is based on a public retirement insurance scheme in which the pensions of current retirees are paid using insurance contributions from the currently employed — a system known as the "intergenerational contract."

At the beginning of the 1960s, there were still six actively insured workers for every old-age pensioner. Now that ratio is 2:1, and sinking further.

A considerable chunk of the federal budget goes into propping up the pension system: €127 billion ($138 billion) will flow into the retirement fund in 2024, a third of all government spending. This sum is estimated to almost double by 2050, which is bad news in times of high expenditure in other areas such as defense.

At the same time, pensioners constitute a considerable and growing voter base. So safeguarding the pension system has become a topic for heated debate — and for action.

Germany's three-party center-left coalition government does not want to cut pensions, increase pension contributions or raise the age of retirement beyond the planned increase to 67 by 2029..."
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#Germany #Taurus #Ukraine
"The center-right Christian Democrat (CDU)/Christian Social Union (CSU) opposition in Germany's federal parliament, the Bundestag, has failed once again to win a clear majority in favor of the delivery of German Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine. Of the 687 lawmakers who took part in the vote, 494 voted against the delivery with 188 in favor and five abstentions.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz of the center-left Social Democrat Party (SPD) has taken a clear line against the delivery. He fears the weapon could only be operated with the involvement of German soldiers, and that this could drag Germany into the war against Russia.

The Taurus missile is considered one of the most modern weapon systems used by the Bundeswehr. It can be fired from the air by fighter jets, travels at almost the speed of sound and can strike targets as far as 500 kilometers (310 miles) away..."
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Bayer directly out of Nazi Germany…. https://www.ehn.org/states...
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#Germany #IllegalImmigration

The Once Great Nation of Germany... Hitler's Daughter Took Care of That...

"The federal government is planning to amend Germany's Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act to allow local authorities to pay asylum-seekers state benefits through payment cards, rather than cash or vouchers.

The new law still has to pass the parliament, the Bundestag, but currently, the draft's wording is: "If benefits in kind for necessary personal needs are not possible through reasonable administrative effort, benefits in the form of payment cards, vouchers, other comparable non-cash settlements or cash benefits may be granted."The idea is to issue asylum-seekers with a card, on which most (but not all) of their state benefits are booked once a month.

Since asylum-seekers do not yet have residency status in Germany, they can't have their own bank account and cannot legally work until they have been in the country for at least three months.

Up until now, local authorities have paid asylum-seekers a monthly state benefit of around €400 - €500 ($430 - $540) in cash or in vouchers.

Asylum-seekers can use the bank debit card in any shop where normal credit cards are accepted (which excludes many small businesses in Germany) — but, depending on rules put in place by local authorities, they may be restricted to certain postcodes, and online payments are banned.

All 16 German states have agreed to implement some kind of payment card system..."
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#Germany #USMilitary
"The Federal Republic of Germany has been a vital part of the United States' defense strategy in Europe ever since the end of World War II when US forces were part of a 10-year Allied occupation of the country. Though troop numbers have, of course, fallen significantly since those days, the US military still maintains a major presence in Germany, and over the intervening decades, US military communities have formed around a handful of German towns.

The total number of US military personnel has also risen significantly in the past few years, from under 39,000 in 2019 to over 50,000 in 2024.

The only other country where the US keeps a comparable number of overseas troops is Japan. That development also reflects a reversal of a long-term trend: German government figures show that between 2006 and 2018, the number of US troops stationed in Germany more than halved, from 72,400 to 33,250, as the US military responded to an increasingly complex global security situation.

The US has also deployed more troops to Europe since the start of Russia's full-fledged invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, with some soldiers deployed to bases further east to Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. The US Army currently has around 10,000 troops stationed at its garrison in Poland, and a further 2,600 in its Army Support Activity Black Sea, which includes the Mihail Kogalniceau Air Base, Romania, and the Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria. Those troops are rotated regularl
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#Ukraine #NomenEstOmen
"The Kiev regime’s deep-rooted connection with Ukrainian WWII-era Neo-Nazi movements is an axiom. Denying this is futile, as many of the junta’s soldiers unashamedly display Nazi insignia, while the state-sponsored promotion of the cult of Nazi collaborators such as Stepan Bandera, Yaroslav Stetsko, Roman Shukhevych and others of their ilk is a clear proof that this isn’t some spontaneous reaction of an extremist minority, but a carefully orchestrated policy. In the last decade, there has been a systematic whitewashing of Nazism, with an entire generation of children and young people raised to essentially adore the aforementioned figures. Many soldiers of the Kiev regime who have been fighting in the last several years were just kids at the time when NATO organized the Maidan coup that brought the Neo-Nazi junta to power and pushed Ukraine into the ongoing bloodbath.

These children (many in their 20s now) were radicalized into thinking that the ideology that quite literally sees them as “Untermenschen” is something “good” or even “desirable”. They were never told what Hitler’s Generalplan Ost included and that they would’ve almost certainly never even been born had Nazi Germany succeeded in its genocidal intentions of global proportions. Worse yet, they’ve been convinced that the Russians, their closest kin (historically, genetically, culturally, religiously, you name it), are their “mortal enemy”..."
3 months ago
Russia isn’t the enemy at this point in time; the Cabal and Deep State is..
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The Once Great Nation of Germany... Many Don't Even Speak German... That Could Most Definitely Prove to Be Problematic Gaining Full Time Employment in Germany...

A high number of people of foreign descent among dropouts

A particular cause for concern is the fact that many dropouts are young people with a background of migration.

In 2013, there was no difference between those with and without a migration background.

In 2022, however, only 3% of 25-year-old German males and 2% of females without a migration background had no school diploma whatsoever. Among young people the same age with a migration background, that figure was 12% for men and 10% for women.

In the latest Pisa test, which compares the reading, math and science skills of 15-year-olds internationally, German pupils achieved the lowest scores ever recorded .

Lack of German language skills

The problems start at kindergarten age. One in five children between the ages of three and six now speaks no German in the home.

This makes it all the more important for these children in particular to attend kindergarten. However, according to the German government's education report, only 81% of children with a migration background do so.

That's largely because there's a shortage of daycare places, currently around 350,000 across Germany. If the children do not speak enough German when they start school, they can fall behind right from the start. This can demotivate them..."
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#AsylumSeekers #Germany #DebitCards
"The Once Great Country of Germany..."
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"The trial of Madeleine McCann murder suspect, identified as Christian B. in line with Germany's privacy laws, opened in Germany on Friday with the 47-year-old accused of unrelated sex crimes.

However, the trial was almost immediately postponed until next Friday after an allegation of bias against a judge involved in the proceedings.

What we THINK we know about the case

While German prosecutors have yet to charge B. over the disappearance of British toddler Madeleine, he was charged in October 2022 with five separate counts of rape and child sex abuse, allegedly committed between 2000 and 2017 in Portugal.

Before the indictment was read out, B.'s defense filed a motion for bias against a female lay judge.

The defense said there were doubts about the woman's suitability, claiming she previously called for the killing of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in an online post.

In addition, the lawyers said, the woman works as a child psychotherapist and advocates for the interests of children, creating a "procedural reference" that raised doubts about her neutrality.

It is understood that no witnesses had been summoned for the first day of the trial. Defense lawyer Friedrich Fülscher has asserted his client's innocence, saying he would seek acquittal on the charges.

B. is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence in Germany after being found guilty of committing a rape in Portugal in 2005..."
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#Germany #TheShowSucks
"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have signed a bilateral security agreement valued at €1.1 billion ($1.18 billion) to help in the fight against Russia's invasion.

The "Munich Package" focuses on air defense and artillery and includes the delivery of 36 tank and wheeled howitzers from industrial stocks, 120,000 rounds of artillery ammunition, two additional air defense systems and Iris-T missiles.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's military reported fierce fighting in the besieged frontline town of Avdiivka. It said it was preparing new positions around the industrial hub as Russia stepped up attacks.

"Fierce battles are taking place within the city," Oleksandr Tarnavskiy, a senior Ukrainian commander responsible for forces in the east of the country, said on social media..."
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Nazi Germany book burning. This is America?
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