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3 days ago
🏹You see, Younger Bear had become a Contrary, the most dangerous
of all Cheyenne warriors because the way they lived drives em half
crazy. Except for battle the Contrary does everything backwards.
He says goodbye when he means hello, he says yes when he
means no, walks through bushes instead of on the trail and washes
with dirt and dries with water and so forth."🐎
- Little Big Man movie

🐎Little Big Man - Heyoka


Heyoka (Little Big Man [1970]) - YouTube


Spill The Wine
4 days ago
🎚"But You, Lord, are a shield around me,
My glory, and the one who lifts my head."
Psalm 3:3 (NAS) 🙏🕊👑

🙏Thank you Jesus for being more than a friend.
I love you so much.🙏

🙏I Can't Believe It! - Keith Green👑🎚🕊
I Can't Believe It! - YouTube

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupI Can't Believe It! · Keith GreenFor Him Who Has Ears℗ 1977 Sparrow RecordsReleased on: 1990-01-01Producer: Keith...

4 days ago
200 Muslim in Gaza Covert to Christianity after seeing Jesus in a Dream! 🙏🏻
4 days ago
There is NO Other Way Forward

America has wreaked destruction on the rest of the world for decades, defending a “US Dollar“ Money Printing scheme.

We sinned. We benefited. Now, we face The Storm: the death of the Cabal’s Debt Money and its Military Terrorism. We can pray God takes this Cup away from us, but to no avail.

THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. We will drink this Cup, go through The Storm, and see NEW LIFE on the other side.
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4 days ago
🙏Sometimes I call out Your name
But I cannot find You
I look for Your face
But You are not there
By my sorrows, Lord
Lift me to You
Lift me to Your side

Lord of eternity
Father of mercy
Look on my fainting soul
Keeper of all the stars
Friend of the poorest heart
Touch me and make me whole

If You are my defender
Who is against me?
No one can trouble or harm me
If You are my strength
All I ask, all I desire
Is to live in Your house all my days...
- "Lord Of Eternity" Fernando Ortega

🙏...every step, Lord, only for You...
Please show me clearly...🙏🎚

🎚Lord Of Eternity
Lord of Eternity - Fernando Ortega (Live) - YouTube

....timeless song. (From "Live in St. Paul"-DVD.)Blessed is the man Who walks in Your Favor Who loves all Your Words And hides them like Treasure In the dark...

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7 days ago
Tucker Carlson | The Roseanne Barr Podcast #24 - YouTube

Sponsored By: Go to https://www.rblikesgold.com and let Goldco help you protect your family's wealth. Again that's https://www.rblikesgold.com The Wellness C...

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Spill The Wine
7 days ago
🙏Father it's hard to find
The Words inside my mind
That truly express the way I feel
With Love I now proclaim
Glory unto Your Name
With honor, I bow my head and kneel...
Your presence is only a heartbeat away...
Your mercy endures forever more...
Please Lord, more time for the lost...🙏

🎚A Heartbeat Away

from album "DRAWN TO THE LIGHT" (1982) Buy this album from http://www.paulclarkmusic.com/webshophtml.htmor http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/paulclark11

9 days ago

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Alexander MacCallum
9 days ago (E)
#AnnaVonReitz #QFS #BilateralBankSystem
Please Note About the QFS
"I never said that the Quantum Financial System isn't real in the sense of existing. It exists. It was developed under project "Crimson Gate" at Wright-Patterson AFB immediately before and after the 2015 UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy. What I said -- in not so many words -- is that it is another fraud scheme. It's the same old SWIFT transfer monopoly updated and rebranded with a new name and operated from a new location -- China, and it leaves the same Miscreants in charge of everything. It is not the brand new, whiz-bang, all-purpose, honest, transparent, and secure world financial system that Kim Goguen -- and now, Ben Fulford-- are trying to sell you. It's an emergency rework of the old SWIFT Monopoly with upgrades installed to implement and enforce the Chinese "Social Credit System" on everyone worldwide. And it's the same old crooked Euro-Amero interests running the "new" system...

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10 days ago
Spill The Wine
10 days ago
In response Spill The Wine to her Publication
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11 days ago
His appointment
Change one letter, then I see
That the thwarting of my purpose
Is God's better choice for me..."

👑Disappointment - Keaggy

🍁Thankful 2023 11-23-2023 11:11AM
Disappointment (Lyrics from poem by Edith Lillian Young) Phil Keaggy/Love Broke Thru - YouTube

Love Broke Thru (with Lyrics) Phil Keaggy, Christian Rock

11 days ago
The kings of the earth have risen up;
the leaders have united against the Lord,
against his anointed.
“Let us break their chains, that bind us;
let us throw off their yoke from our shoulders!”
The Lord laughs at them,
he who lives in the heavens derides them.

- Psalm 2
11 days ago
Who is The WARRIOR King Who Precedes Christ’s Coming?

• We’re in SPIRITUAL War — Bible RELEVANT
• First Horseman (REV 6) Rides WHITE Horse (GOOD Guy?)
• Human, NOT Jesus - Who Comes LATER on Own White Horse
• Wears Crown (Govt Authority), ”Conquering & to Conquer”
• “So Much Winning“
• Kim Clement Prophecy: In Fall God Will Reveal His “David”
• Wink-Spokesman “107” Now Saying Trump Will Rule Like “King”
• As Commander-In-Chief, in WAR, & Must Remove TRAITORS
• ”PAUSE” - ”Near Death Experience“ - THEN an HONEST Election
Spill The Wine
11 days ago (E)
Anyone else have their account name changed by someone else?
Should be Spill The Wine...anyone?
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14 days ago
Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick - Full Documentary - YouTube

Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick - Full Documentary

14 days ago
14 days ago
14 days ago
In response Spill The Wine to her Publication
Thanq. I’m on the fire daily. I’m not perfect, but I know he forgives us when we ask. All forgiving Jeshua Hamashia . I can not change anyone but myself. I feel bad for others , I pray for souls to be saved.
I enjoy your posts too. They are Very interesting! 🙏🏻🕊️⚔️ Keep up the good work. 🙏🏻🕊️🍁⚔️
Spill The Wine
14 days ago
In response gingersnapstx to her Publication
"What will you do to replace,
Moments too late to erase.
What once was here will be gone
Paid for in full all belong
A bounty in spite of Babylon
Jezebel or Immanuel.

Many are called, yet for some,
They live their life on the run,
Cryin' for the love they thought
they'd won...

Through it all, some will fall,
While others will stand in awe.
Reaching up to fill their cup
With love that's more than enough.
I have to be standin' free
When I see the clouds rollin' by,
Call his name without shame,
Jesus will Reign
Through it all...🎚🙏🕊👑

🙏Please God ...more time for the lost...🐳🙏🎚

Through It All - Richie Furay
Richie Furay - Through It All (HQ) - YouTube

This is Track #10 from the 1982 Richie Furay album, Seasons of ChangeListen to the whole album here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPcTOx34g9XQJVPb...

Spill The Wine
14 days ago
In response gingersnapstx to her Publication
🤔Did you read the comments, Snaps. Several saying [their] sins not
ours. My Awakening was God showing me that my sin of complacency,
as a Christian, was was more worthy of condemnation than those who
have not come to the saving knowledge of Christ. I was lukewarm; about
to be spewed from His Mouth. He put me through the furnace of
affliction for over 20 years to cook the dross from my soul. I'm still on the
fire. I get really angry at times, but always end up back at His throne of
Grace for His Cleansing. When I look around me, I don't see evidence of
people changing from the inside. The Lord tells me to keep looking at
Him and praying and doing these crazy posts. All the synchronicities we
experience on a daily basis is encouraging. I do have hope that God
will intervene and provide a catalyst to cause our people to see
things from His perspective. God bless you. TY for your posts. Would like to keep them all. 🙏🎚👑🕊🇺🇸🫡
14 days ago
In response Grow_Wizard to his Publication
You also! 🕊️