Alexander MacCallum
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"Zaka, an Israeli rescue agency, revealed that Israeli helicopters opened fire, killing civilians during the Hamas attack on October 7, killing over 260.

According to an RT article on November 6, Israeli soldiers are suspected of killing a large number of their own people when they launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7. This is supported by the release of drone footage by the Israeli military that shows hundreds of damaged and charred cars that were removed from the Nova music festival.

The Nova event was held in the vicinity of Kibbutz Beeri, about five km distant from the wall dividing Gaza. When Palestinian resistance fighters emerged from Gaza at 6:30 am, they attacked military bases and settlements, and this was one of their first objectives..."
16 days ago
Suzi B
15 days ago
In response Alexander MacCallum to his Publication
Does it seem to anyone else that we are getting an Israel friendly type of info that may or may not be how things have actually been happening? For one thing.....Netanyahu never told his people about the upcoming attack that he knew about several days beforehand. Why not? Could it be that one of the richest little countries on earth who has basically everyone in the country trained as a soldier male and female with many state of the art weapons in their arsenal........wanting to get sympathy in order to get billions of dollars - like a re-do of Ukraine. Big - huge money laundering operation by government with no care for the innocents who get injured/killed in needless battles. Nothing gets through their iron dome without warning.
Alexander MacCallum
15 days ago
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