Was Dubai "HAARPED???"

Are countries not onboard for a United Nations new world order being "HAARPED?

Were the rains that hit Dubai on November "17th" natural or manmade???

Eyes are open, and crimes against humanity are in the "SPOTLIGHT!"

Was there a deliberate attack on the people of Dubai, or warning to the rulers to comply and lie??? How long will Nikola Tesla's invention, the weather machines be used for evil around the world? A machine invented to good, serving satan for death and destruction isn't being talked about on mainstream media.

Why not? Because mainstream media doesn't serve the people, but the deep state pedophiles to protect them from being tried, convicted, and sent to hell for their crimes against humanity. The clock is ticking, and time is running out with every day more "TRUTH" is revealed.



#fazza #17QWorld #saudiarabia
Dubai is Sinking! Crazy Flooding and Thunderstorm hit UAE, Dubai International Airport flooded - YouTube

Flights were disrupted at Dubai International Airport on Friday after heavy rain and thunderstorms in the Emirates.The wet weather caused 13 inbound flights ...

19 days ago