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"Jessie Marie ELLEVOLD” was trained in ABOVE TOP SECRET child weaponization programs that utilized trauma-based mind control torture and other methods that involved a child’s spiritual acuity in advance of spiritual warfare in other realms.

During the time periods moving into the Donald Trump presidency, Jessie Marie Czebotar’s life story, which contains HORRIFIC details of satanic crimes against humanity such as rape, torture, satanic rituals, and cannibalism feasts (by U.S. Presidents and World Leaders), was carefully kept as the quiet secret of a self-described U.S. Secret Service Agent named David Lester Straight.

David Straight was conducting illegal ABOVE TOP SECRET operations with other high-profile individuals including retired U.S. Army General Michael Flynn, (now disgraced) former Attorney Lin Wood, and others. Straight professed to be serving on three Presidential Commissions under President Trump and reported to the U.S. Department of Defense under Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Straight was the liaison to the U.S. Military for former Minnesota Government judge Randi Lynn Erickson who escrowed international human trafficking and child exploitation evidence, and publications, that had been gathered by FBI witness and award-winning new reporter Timothy Charles Holmseth.

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