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"A collective of BAR Attorneys, judges, law enforcement, child protection social workers (CPS), forensic psychologists, private investigators, bounty hunters, and others recognized as “experts” and/or “officers of the court” were/are partnering with members of a secondary government that functions parallel to the United States Government and does not hold allegiance to U.S. Law under the United States Constitution.

The parallel government” Holmseth describes has been elaborated upon in minute detail by federal cannibalism witness and cult defector Jessie Marie Czebotar. Czebotar is an expert in Secret Societies, Mothers of Darkness, Luciferian Brotherhood, Freemasons, Shriners, Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Templar, Rotary, and many sub-Orders. Czebotar has explained how Satanists and worshippers of evil operate a secret Satanic government (comprised of marked territories with their own signs and symbols and jurisdictions and can actually be shown on a map) that has secretly placed their own people/operatives into positions within the United States Government. Czebotar has revealed that the various Orders and Witch Covens and operatives have sworn oaths to their secret Satanic government and do not recognize the United States Constitution...

https://timothycharlesholm... "

NEELY REQUESTED TO BE INTERVIEWED BY THE FBI.The FBI set her straight on Eclause, The PPTF and all of the other bullshit that Holmseth and others have been t...

3 months ago

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