Alexander MacCallum
3 months ago (E)
#BrendonOConnell #CognitiveDissonance #AnnaVonReitz
"Israel" is the name of a chunk of land in the Middle East rented as a holdover from the former British Protectorate by Jacob Rothschild using a 99 year lease WHICH IS NOW EXPIRED. Neither Israel nor Palestine, strictly speaking, exist. "Israel" was a commercial accommodation lease held over from the British Protectorate in the post-World War I Era, and "Palestine" was another British invention that never existed in the modern world at all and did not exist in the same area and context even in the Ancient World. What we have is a portrait of British extraterritorial meddling and commercial fraud, misusing American military power to conduct illegal Mercenary Conflicts in other parts of the world. It is entirely possible that no actual country called "Israel" exists, and that owing to its status as
a leased protectorate, no actual peace treaty related to the 1948 Arab-
Israeli War exists. The entire circumstance may be another mercenary conflict glossed over by self-interested parties invoking sea treaties as a substitute for land jurisdiction treaties. This is to say that not only does no State of the Union called "Israel" exist, but what we have all accepted as a separate country may not exist, either. Ditto the concept of Palestine...

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