Alexander MacCallum
1 month ago
#Gaza #genocide #ChildrenOfALesserGod

Never Again is NOW...

"Protests at Dutch Holocaust museum as Israeli president visits

Israeli President Isaac Herzog's attendance at the opening of a Holocaust museum in Amsterdam has sparked protests over Israel's military operations in Gaza.

Activists calling for a ceasefire gathered in a square near the National Holocaust Museum.

Signs were seen reading "Jews against genocide", and "The grandchild of a holocaust survivor says: Stop Gaza Holocaust."

A smaller contingent of protesters waved Israeli flags.

The museum said it had invited Mr Herzog before the Hamas attack on 7 October, which led to Israel's ground offensive in Gaza.

In a statement, it said it recognised Mr Herzog's attendance raised questions, but added that he represented the homeland of Dutch Holocaust survivors who had emigrated to Israel..."
Alexander MacCallum
2 months ago
Alexander MacCallum
3 months ago
"They Will Know We R Christians By R Love..."
Alexander MacCallum
3 months ago
#Israel #InternationalCrimeBunker #GodsChosenPeople #ChildrenOfALesserGod
"While Israel does not have any real documented evidence or pictures of claimed Palestinian atrocities against Israelis, history is full of official historical documents and video movies of Israeli atrocities against Palestinian civilians throughout the last 75 years of brutal occupation. These documented Israeli atrocities and genocides include the razing of entire villages, many massacres, and the raping of teen-age Palestinian girls, the savage rape of girls, the rape of detained Palestinian women, the rape of Palestinian women prisoners throughout the years, and even Palestinian male children were sodomized (8:43 of the video) by Israeli interrogators as exposed by Josh Paul, a director of congressional and public affairs at the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, who resigned over arms transfers to Israel, during his interview on CNN with Christiane Amanpour..."

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