NOTE: IF you have never had an account and are trying to CREATE an account BUT are told that your eMail address is already in use, please send an eMail from that eMail account to and let us know that you cannot create an account because the eMail address is already in use.

Step 1:

To "CREATE an Account" or to "Register"

Step 2:

The blank screen will look like this:

Step 3:

EXAMPLE of completed screen.
The following screen contains TEST information, just to show you want is required:

Select the "I'm not a robot" check box. (and then you should see a PopUp screen similar to below):

Once you have correctly identified the required sections of the screen you will be allowed to continue with the process and you should see a screen that looks similar to below. IF for some reason the CAPTCHA process fails, press RETURN button on your browser to go back to the last screen and then try again.

The next screen will ask you which PLAN you want. FREE or Premium ($3.00 per month). The picture below is from before we added $0.01 for the subscription price.

Press the "Let's Go !" button on the plan you want: FREE or Premium

That"s it. You have successfully CREATED an Account and once you press the "Let's Go!" for the plan you like you should be taken to our main platform page.