Kerry Felix
And so our scriptures testify that he is the son of God, and the Lord and King of Israel. And because of his suffering, our chief priests were surprised at the signs which were wrought by his means, We opened that book to search the generations to Joseph and Mary, supposing him to be of the seed of David.
From the time of creation, when the heavens and the earth and the first man Adam to the time of the flood were 2212 years. From the flood to Abraham were 912 years. From Abraham to the time of Moses were 430 years. From Moses to David the King were 510 years. From David to the Babylonish captivity were 500 years From Babylonish captivity to the incarnation of Christ were 400 years. The sum of all this is 5500 years. God’s plan.
Grace And Peace with Love!
22 days ago

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