Flyers, billboards, Roku ads… now this?

They’re really trying to start some shit which will end up in a draft of our children and grandchildren for another fucking ME war.
23 days ago
22 days ago
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PAID-TO-PLAY! SELLING OUT "WE THE PEOPLE" FOR A CONFLICT, "NOT" A WAR!!! How much money are the agents of satan milking from the world asking for donations for Israel that boasts its wealth, and how many ads do "We the People" see for the poorest and defenseless people who are dying in Gaza? The enemies of the people are in plain sight, for the whole world to see. Wars are for satan, greed, power, control, children, and death! How much longer will it take for the "sleepers" to open their eyes and see what is right in front of them, instead of the lies of the "FAKE" idiot box news that keeps them closed? All "We the People" can do, is continue to pray for their awakening someday! TYFS
21 days ago
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Agree. Remember the 16 yr plan to destroy [enslave] America? #Q said WAR deaths / weapons real but that it’s fake & controlled? We’re seeing it now.