21 hours ago (E)
Biden impeachment inquiry VOTE next week. Amid court challenge? 1) there’s not enough time to do that and the rest that needs to be done 2) his term is almost over 3) we don’t want Kamala as Pres 4) it’ll make him a martyr 5) it’ll never pass senate. It will, however, do him in on running /winning 2024, more Dems will drop support. He’s not even a threat in 2024 though. Trump has already won. It’ll also give Dems a reason to bring in Newsom or big Mike.
I’m not doing cartwheels over this news.
7 days ago
Which all just happens to be EXACTLY what they’re doing to US now. DOJ getting records of anyone who interacted with Trump on twitter ( vise versa), Hochul winning her appeal to put people in camps for any reason, HRC & others (Bernie bros in 2016) saying we all need to go to reeducation camps and if we don’t we should be killed… it just keeps getting worse & worse.

Glad to see their PANIC though. Unlike us, they “don’t need to worry if they’ve done nothing wrong”. ( Remember that lie?)
9 days ago
10 days ago
Who is The WARRIOR King Who Precedes Christ’s Coming?

• We’re in SPIRITUAL War — Bible RELEVANT
• First Horseman (REV 6) Rides WHITE Horse (GOOD Guy?)
• Human, NOT Jesus - Who Comes LATER on Own White Horse
• Wears Crown (Govt Authority), ”Conquering & to Conquer”
• “So Much Winning“
• Kim Clement Prophecy: In Fall God Will Reveal His “David”
• Wink-Spokesman “107” Now Saying Trump Will Rule Like “King”
• As Commander-In-Chief, in WAR, & Must Remove TRAITORS
• ”PAUSE” - ”Near Death Experience“ - THEN an HONEST Election
Alexander MacCallum
12 days ago (E)
#IDreamedADream #OneDayMore
Don't Let Life Destroy the Dream You Dream
"One day more
Another day, another destiny
This never-ending road to Calvary
One day more
I did not live until today
How can I live when we are parted?
One day more
Tomorrow you'll be worlds away
And yet with you, my world has started
One more day all on my own
Will we ever meet again?
One more day with him not caring
I was born to be with you
What a life I might have known
And I swear I will be true
But he never saw me there
One more day before the storm
Do I follow where she goes?
At the barricades of freedom
Shall I join my brothers there?
When our ranks begin to form
Do I stay, and do I dare?
Will you take your place with me?
The time is now, the day is here
One day more
One day more to revolution
One day to a new beginning
Raise the flag of freedom high
Every man will be a king
There's a new world for the winning
There's a new world to be won
Do you hear the people sing?
My pl
I Dreamed A Dream and One Day More - Credit to 'Humanity' - YouTube

We all deserve to be heard, without censorship.If you do not like what another says, use your right to express YOURSELF, uncensored.Ultimately, the jury that...

NoLoner1 Dotti LEE
13 days ago
14 days ago
#winning - well said.
14 days ago
Only #winning allowed
16 days ago
GEORGIA #winning

Just specifically said that it’s not a conspiracy of any kind [it really is though] yet Newsweek continues to call it conspiracy theories right afterwards 😂#FakeNewsIsTheEnemyOfThePeople

16 days ago
All the same people behind the scenes in their efforts to rid themselves of Trump. They’re terrified of him. What next? Delayed elections? Whatever they do, backfires.
Smartsweet13 Janice Krako
16 days ago
23 days ago
TheArtofWillow Willow
25 days ago
#Trump #winning #WWG1WGA
1 month ago
Truth Trawler
1 month ago
“He deludes himself… We’re out of options. We’re not winning. But try telling him that.”
1 month ago
1 month ago





If you know, you know, and are enjoying the show, watching the leaders of the "19 New Republic" go, go, go!!! Is anyone tired of winning and watching the "TRAITORS" hang themselves with every new crime against humanity committed?

Patriots worldwide have their eyes open and watching who is crossing their borders. "Truth" and "REAL" history is coming that is the real war "We the People" fight to take all that is wrong and make it right!!!


#SkullandBones #17QWorld #CrimesAgainstHumanity

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