3 days ago
9 days ago
We heard about this situation in 2017. It’s been on the back burner since then. Stay safe, Tony. Boomerang headed towards the Biden crime syndicate..
14 days ago
The two-tiered justice system strikes again. Will anything happen to ‘Horseface Kerry’? Not immediately but boomerangs have a way of taking longer than expected…
15 days ago
Annnd…. there it is! #boomerang 😎 Every time Pres Trump talks about Presidential Immunity I hear it as trolling 😂 👊 Will we finally get #JUSTICE for #Benghazi , #Extortion17 , droning Americans, Maidan, Arab Spring, Qaddafi, HRC emails-all of theirs actually, 9/11, etc? - there’s so much they need to answer for.
Truth Trawler
16 days ago


Before you react or emote, regarding the DC Court ruling on 45’s Presidential Immunity, disconnect from the situation.
What is the real meaning?
Logic: Superior to MKUltra.

Because of this ruling, we now have the beginnings of the legal precedent needed to go back and prosecute US Presidents responsible for:
- Kosovo/Yugoslavia/Serbia
- 9/11/2001
- Iraq War
- Afghanistan War
- Delegation of (Certain) US Military Decision Authority to UN Entities
- Sudanese Civil War
- Libya/Benghazi
- Extortion 17
- Fast and Furious
- Uranium One
- 2014 Ukraine Coup
- Biological Weapons Development Programs, in Violation of the Geneva Convention
- 2016 Coup Attempt via Russiagate
- 2016 Contracting of Matteo Renzi government for assistance in US Election Theft
- 44th President’s Removal of Gain of Function Moratorium
- Biden/Harris Worldwide Child/Human Trafficking Operations
- Israel/Gaza War(All)

And other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Nowhere left to run.
#DarkToLIGHT #JusticeIsComing

Truth Trawler
1 month ago
They'll never learn.


2 months ago (E)
I think this is a “boomerang” sickness that I have. Am seeing other people reporting same thing. (Everyone here is sick). Yesterday I thought was almost better but woke up this morning feeling worse. It’s been a long time but I remember having this happen before with flu or bronchitis. So, if start feeling better don’t overdo anything. Will go urgent care if gets worse and get AB.
Truth Trawler
2 months ago
“He’s only gained traction since he started getting indicted.”

(Ongoing boomerang suicide)

2 months ago
Truth Trawler
2 months ago
Boomerang suicide: yet another sterling example.
Truth Trawler
2 months ago
They are painting themselves into a corner that has no way out.
Boomerang suicide

2 months ago
Reversals, karmic justice & boomerangs. It will happen to the Dems and complicit RINOs. Watch for it..
2 months ago
Stinchfield asking “who’s behind the rise in antisemitism? Well, it seems to me it’s the same people who cry antisemitism. They’ve created cultural Marxism & hide behind antisemitism if they’re called out. #boomerang
3 months ago
I’m in such a good mood listening to & reading the complete #PANIC from all those that are going to be facing #JUSTICE or who will be losing their jobs when Pres Trump returns! 🤣 #comfy
They were essentially forced into doing what they’ve done to him, setting precedents everywhere, knowing full well it’s all going to #boomerang on them. I freaking LOVE it!
3 months ago

It’s actually pretty funny because they had/have absolutely NO choice but to try what they’re doing EVEN THOUGH they know it’ll boomerang. Now they’re calling for his assassination though. This is a very dangerous time, especially with Iran bounty as a motivation. The author of this WaPo article is NULAND’S husband-could they have access to professional hit men? #PRAY pray pray for President Trump. ❤️
Spill The Wine
3 months ago
⚔️🇺🇸Suzy Q🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🗝
Gematria: gematrix.org
💣Suzy Q> 1260H [648E 108S]>
🤡It's Over
👹Fifty Nine >
[RENEGADE = 59S = BHO's USSS codename]
🎯Zero Bubble
🦅Fifty Five >
[JFK JR = 55S]
🇺🇸My Arsenal
🫡Serial Brain
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Eighty One >
[Omar Mukhtar executed age 81]
⚔️Bring It On
🕊Q648 Timing is everything. Code > SOTU 1-30-18
💥Q1260 Incoming MOAB, duck and cover
👹Q108 Obama flushed out
💙Q447 Who is #2 ?
🕊Q448 Coincidence?


🪃Tick Tock [4:47 on the video...4:48 length]
🤡Obama 911
🦅Q648 Activation Code > DJT SOTU 1-30-2018
Spill The Wine
3 months ago
Original post: May 5, 2023 11:56PM
⚡️TRUMP Banner Quote>
🙏"They're not coming..." >4944E 824S>
🦅You Have More To Fear When I Stop
Communicating And That Time Will
Come Very Soon☠️
[265H 540E 90S] = Boomerang💥
🍑Canned Peaches = [265H 588E 98S]
🕊It's Biblical = [265H 588E 98S]
🪃Tic Toc = 265H
🌪Q4944 Are you ready to finish what
we started? 'Nothing can stop what
Is coming' is not just a catch-phrase⚖️

💙You'll Find Out
🔨It's May Day
🪃Tick Tock

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