Freedom67 Paul Cooper
7 hours ago
4/22/2024 Another Palindrome Day

Riddle me this? Why is it so vital to have the right to end the life of a baby in the womb? Chuck Schumer on the Steps of the Capital recently said, that “we have such a low birth rate that we must have unfiltered immigration” Inferring that we needed to have a higher birth rate for our citizens, but at the same time encouraging abortion. Split minds or an indication that they want to replace you with immigrants who will be paid less. Dems you are especially suicidal in your policies. For the minority citizens in this country, they are recognizing the real effects of Dem/Rino Policies. Just think how many black kids that have been aborted on purpose, not to allow their numbers to expand. This is what Hillarie’s Mentor Margert Sanger extoled. So, you see, Dems and Rinos are not your friends, they want for you, the right to abort on demand future generations that would say a BIG NO to Democrats and their Policies. This can’t happen, because the Demons that serve Moloch and Baal demand their “Blood Sacrifice”.
3 days ago
States’ rights issue. Like abortion and obviously Joe has trampled all over that again…
12 days ago
How interesting is this? Another opinion from across the Pond. The law can updated to reflect the 160 year cultural changes.
12 days ago
Trump’s response was to refer the abortion issue back to the states where it belongs. BBC’s opinion remains irrelevant..
13 days ago
Do we sense hysteria from the left? When all else fails, it’s always something they fall back on…
Freedom67 Paul Cooper
13 days ago
The call on abortion should have always been relegated to the State Level. The USA was set up for this because we had 50 separate “Petrie dishes”. So instead of disrupting the whole nation with an experiment in “murder”, only a few states could see the error of their ways and not effect the whole country. 50 years of error was rectified with the repeal of RvW. Millions have been sacrified in a failed experiment. Each states population needs to choose. If they chose murder then so be it; if other states choose life, so be it. Always remember we are responsible for our decisions. You can use the excuse, “The Devil made me do it”, even if he did. Your actions will always amount to choice.
Freedom67 Paul Cooper
13 days ago
https://projects.fivethirt... This link says that a recent poll that 71% of Americans think abortion should be legal. First let me say, that if this poll is not skewed in someway, then those that answered in the affirmative, “had better get right with GOD Almighty”. Two things, how was the question phrased and the words used. Those two things make for a real or push poll.
14 days ago
It always was a states’ rights issue. And he is right in his opinion..
14 days ago
Number "ONE" Governor in the U.S. Kristi Noem Speaks About Abortion and Transgenders in Womens Sports

Why is South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem the "BEST" over the rest making history over Covid lockdown?

Noem was the only governor in the United States that "DID NOT" lockdown and the resident of South Dakota continued life under the Constitution of the United States of America. South Dakota, the only state with its own bank so when then main banks fail, the residents of South Dakota will continue to sail! Why isn't the "FAKE" news reporting on the lives of the residents and children of South Dakota after COVID?

They don't want #WETHEPEOOPLE to see the #Truth that the people are thriving, and the children have not been traumatized by masks, school closure, or distancing. Mental Health in South Dakota is the best out of any state in the USA. The opinion of Kristi Noem carries a lot of weight as have her actions as a leader for the people.


Trump is right about this: Kristi Noem - YouTube

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem joins ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss former President Trump’s abortion stance and protecting women’s sports. #...

dotti Dotti LEE
14 days ago
Freedom67 Paul Cooper
25 days ago
Anyone that thinks your position in life is valid and legal in GOD Eyes, have to realize it may not agree with “man’s” laws. I have often said, think of yourself as a lawyer adjudicating your position before the “Supreme Court” of GOD in the Heavenlies. I say this specifically about abortion. Is their any position that does not preserve the sanctity of life that GOD could support.
Spill The Wine
1 month ago
🎚Purim - The Truth Sets You Free👑🕊

🎶"The Truth Will Set You Free" - Dion
🤔This Lyric stood out today: [3-23-2024]
🕊"I raced through early teenage years" =
1800H 1938E 323S =
👑God's Mighty Power (H)
🙏Guide My Next Step Where To Go
👑This Is Where You Are Meant To Be
👑You Have Learned Much My Daughter
🙏It's Our Father Who Art In Heaven👑
🙏God Forgave The Repented Of Abortions (H)
👑Do You Believe In Miracles I Do Now🙏
👑God Is On Our Side And We Will Win🎚🕊
🇺🇸Q323 4th quarter Patriots.
God bless each and every one of you🦅🙏

🎶Truth - Dion

🎚Isaiah 53

👑LMPG pt 1 Masters Plan
The Truth Will Set You Free - "Dion" DiMucci. Video by Jeannie M. Myers (with lyrics) - YouTube

Source, Wikipedia... Dion Francis DiMucci (born July 18, 1939),[14] better known as Dion, is an American singer and songwriter. His music incorporates elemen...

1 month ago
I suppose it never occurs to Joey he’s killing off his prospective constituents and voters with this move. No one ever said he was that bright.
1 month ago
Alexander MacCallum
1 month ago
#OliviaRodrigo #Contraceptives #abortion

"Contraceptives and morning-after pills have been handed out at US pop star Olivia Rodrigo's concert in Missouri, where abortion is banned.

Concert-goers could pick up free condoms and emergency contraception from stands at the venue in St Louis.

Last month, the Drivers License singer launched the Fund 4 Good campaign, a global initiative for people "seeking reproductive health freedom".

Birth control, such as morning-after pills, are legal in the US.

But abortions in the US state of Missouri are illegal, with exceptions of saving a pregnant woman's life or preventing risk to physical health.

A proceed of profits from Rodrigo's tour, which has partnered with the National Network of Abortion Funds, will go towards Fund 4 Good.

An activist from Right by You, a text line which helps teens find abortion care outside Missouri, told the Guardian Rodrigo had invited the charities, but it was their choice to distribute contraceptives.

Republican Missouri state senator Bill Eigel posted on X that the singer should be "ashamed" for handing out an "abortifacient", a drug which causes abortion.

However morning-after pills prevent, not end, pregnancy, and the NHS website says: "Emergency contraception can stop you getting pregnant after unprotected sex... You need to use emergency contraception within 3 to 5 days of having unprotected sex."
2 months ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
🚨BREAKING: Missouri SUES Planned Parenthood after Veritas Investigation Reveals a Conspiracy to Traffic Minors Across State Lines for Secret Abortions

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey: "This lawsuit is a direct result of the investigation conducted by Project Veritas in November of 2023 that uncovered an agent of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas City brazenly committed to past, present, and future violations of this state's laws regarding proper parental consent notification, a conspiracy to traffic women out of state for abortions, and a conspiracy to conceal the sexual exploitation of children.”
2 months ago
What the trannies fail to recognize is that doctors are sworn to Do No Harm... meaning if you have a healthy arm, foot, uterus, breasts or whatever, they are not supposed to remove them just because someone asks them to. The same holds true for abortions. If you are an OBG/YN you cannot be forced to perform an abortion by your hospital. Most OBG/YN's elect NOT to perform that service..

Alexander MacCallum
2 months ago (E)
#abortion #NHS

"An unprecedented number of women are being investigated by police on suspicion of illegally ending a pregnancy, the BBC has been told.

Abortion provider MSI says it knows of up to 60 criminal inquiries in England and Wales since 2018, compared with almost zero before.

Some investigations followed natural pregnancy loss, File on 4 found.

Pregnancy loss is investigated only if credible evidence suggests a crime, the National Police Chiefs' Council says.

File on 4 has spoken to women who say that they have been "traumatised" and left feeling "suicidal" following criminal investigations lasting years.

Speaking for the first time, one woman described how she had been placed under investigation after giving birth prematurely, despite maintaining that she had never attempted an abortion.

In England, Scotland and Wales, abortion is legal up to 24 weeks with the approval of two doctors. However, after 10 weeks the procedure must be carried out in an approved clinic or NHS hospital..."
3 months ago
Ex-post facto laws are unconstitutional.
Truth Trawler
3 months ago
"The criminal justice system focuses its attention not on criminals but rather on the political opposition. In Nashville this week, six pro-life demonstrators face up to ten years in prison after being convicted for the crime of protesting in front of an abortion clinic.

Thus, the signs of the times couldn’t be any clearer — our elites cherish not life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but rather prize death, chaos, and misery. And so, the fight for America is not primarily a political struggle but rather a spiritual battle against dark forces. We gird ourselves for the fight, rise to meet the challenges, and we keep the faith in God, country, and the righteousness of our cause. We were born for this time"

Alexander MacCallum
3 months ago
#Nazis "Reproductive Rights Advocates... Otherwise Known as Abortionists... Anti-Abortion Movement... Otherwise, More Accurately Described as, the PRO-Life Movement... Stop with the Word Games..."
3 months ago
Consider the AP source. Why always in the negative? It’s total nonsense anyway; not in the Constitution and should have remained a state issue.
Alexander MacCallum
3 months ago (E)
"Stop Confusing Me with the Facts..."
Abortion Is The Leading Cause Of Death For Children. - YouTube


Alexander MacCallum
3 months ago
"Some People Would Call this a Late Term Abortion..."
Alexander MacCallum
4 months ago
#EvangelicalChurch #Rape #Torture

Power Corrupts... Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely...

More Shocking News...
"Evidence of widespread abuse and torture by the founder of one of the world's biggest Christian evangelical churches has been uncovered by the BBC.

Dozens of ex-Synagogue Church of all Nations members - five British - allege atrocities, including rape and forced abortions, by Nigeria's late TB Joshua.

The allegations of abuse in a secretive Lagos compound span almost 20 years.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations did not respond to the allegations but said previous claims have been unfounded.

TB Joshua, who died in 2021, was a charismatic and hugely successful preacher and televangelist who had an immense global following..."
4 months ago
Getting shut down in this case is a good thing…
4 months ago
"BEYOND MEAT" processing facilities.
Most just minutes from abortion clinics.
Saving you money.
4 months ago
Is Jesus KING — Or Do You Expect to VOTE on That?

• We Got Accustomed to VOTING for Our Leaders
• That’s Now Been STOLEN From Us; Ruled by Despots
• If JESUS Comes, “Every Knee Will Bend” to Our KING
• God Previously ANOINTED Rulers: Moses, David, Cyrus
• If MILITARY Acts, Will We Get to VOTE on That?
• Ps 2 Says Earth‘s Rulers Will RESIST God’s “ANOINTED“
• Want Their OWN Way (Perversions, Abortion, Greed, War)
• Will YOU “Bend Your Knee” to GOD’s Ways? REALLY?
• YOU Are ALSO “Anointed” With Holy Spirit - You’ll KNOW

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