Alexander MacCallum
2 months ago
#SAS #Afghanistan #WarCrimes
"Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer told a public inquiry he was "desperate for some sort of evidence" to disprove alleged war crimes by the SAS in Afghanistan but was unable to find any.

Special forces commanders were "unable to answer basic questions", he said.

The minister was speaking at a public inquiry on Tuesday examining alleged war crimes by UK special forces.

He said he had received warnings from multiple members of special forces that the allegations may be true.

Mr Mercer, who served with a Special Boat Service (SBS) task force in Afghanistan from 2008 to 2009 and attempted to pass selection for the UK's elite special forces units, told the inquiry that he had detected an "odour" around the Special Air Service (SAS) during his time with the armed forces and special forces selection process.

He confirmed that the "odour" stemmed from stories of the regiment illegally killing people on operations in Afghanistan who posed no threat to British troops..."
Alexander MacCallum
4 months ago
5 months ago

The crimes against the innocent people of Gaza are in the "SPOTLIGHT" and the whole world can see the crimes against humanity by the "TREASONOUS" leader of Israel!!! Netanyahu's genocide in Gaza has created hate, not love for Israel, and many of the Jewish people are calling for the arrest of the agent of satan in a position of power and trust.



#SouthAfrica #WarCrimes #Netanyahu

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