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Kidnapped, Trafficked, Incest and Groomed to Be a Child Sex Slave

When it comes to elite pedophile families the world is in its 7th or 8th generations of families grooming their children to be raped and make it normal. The transgender movement from the same cult, the "Club of Epstein," whose members are being exposed every day.

The truth can no longer be contained.


#FionaBarnett is a third-generation incest survivor and exposes the CIA FBI and Hollywood for child sex abuse.


NXIVM , the "BIGGEST" sex-slave trial in the #usa and most #PATRIOTS never heard about it? Fake news coverup, now in the #SPOTLIGHT

New Videos of Billionaire Kids on Jeffrey Epstein Island Go Viral - YouTube

New Videos of Billionaire Kids on Jeffrey Epstein Island Go Viral

Alexander MacCallum
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#Rochdale #GroomingGangs #Pakistani
Systematic Destruction of the West...
The Same Sh*t Over and Over and Over Again...

"A victim of a Rochdale grooming gang has said she was raped more than 100 times from the age of 12 and felt "let down" by police.

Ruby also told BBC Newsnight police took her aborted foetus away for DNA testing without telling her.

Former detective Maggie Oliver said that years after Ruby's abuse, child sexual exploitation was still happening across the country.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said it was "deeply sorry" for failing victims.

"Poor service" in Rochdale in the early 2000s was a "profound regret", the force said, adding that while child sexual exploitation had "not been eradicated" officers would "continue to police without fear or favour".

Ruby said she wanted to help other abused children who need to "feel listened to and heard" when they report the crime to police.

She has called for counselling to be offered after police interviews.

In January, a review revealed girls in Rochdale were "left at the mercy" of paedophile grooming gangs for years because of failings by senior police and council bosses.

It focused on 111 cases in the town from 2004 to 2013 and set out a series of failed investigations by GMP, identifying 96 men still deemed a potential risk to children.

Rochdale Council said it was "determined to ensure these terrible failures do not happen again".

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Janice Krako
5 months ago
About 6 hrs 25 in Cathy Obrien speech awesome. MK ULTRA grooming by Disney and more. Gerald Ford POS! He was illegitimate son of Rockefeller just like Clinton.

And Truth about Trump


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